Our sales experience exgtends to all property types:

Rural, Residential, Luxury Properties, Land, Commercial Land Developments

We are not restricted on area and have sold many properties all over Melbourne to accommodate our client needs.

We believe today’s advertising is primarily the internet followed by Newspaper Advertising.

The advice we provide is based on data research collected, which combined with our experience and our local knowledge, ensures that our assessments of value are credible and realistic.



Whilst the print media is still a important part of advertising property; the internet has progressed to the number one search engine. We understand that not everyone has a large budget for advertising and are happy to accommodate each person’s marketing schedule to suit their needs and beliefs. We at Kate Donaldson real estate do not believe you have to spend a fortune to advertise and market your property effectively.



It is important that your property is presented in the best possible manner regardless of the price brackets. Buyers today are astute and looking for value for money. We can help you with the presentation of your property so it reaches the full potential when it goes onto the market.

Debbie Smith our interior consultant has various packages to assist with this and will accommodate your budget, needs and taste. Debbie has more than 20 years experience in creative fields with specific expertise in interior styling, project management and professional ogranising. Whilst running Inside Solutions for the past 7 years, Debbie has helped transform over 50 homes, achieving outstanding results with her creative flair and clever styling.

We also have a number of trade services at our disposal and are more than happy to assist you with this also.